How much attention should the City of Lancaster give these wonderful pianos? I know it can be low on the priority list of City responsibilities, but these were created as a work of art and were placed on the BLVD for everyone to enjoy. The one that I personally recruited all the artists to place their mark on it, is now sitting in the middle of the Ramblas or street. It has a nice custom box built around it, thanks to the City of Lancaster. But as of this writing, there are keys missing and dried ice cream (I think) on it. I personally saw an expert piano tuner literally rebuild this piano. He did it when it was inside the Graphic Experience. It breaks my heart to see it this way. 

The piano pictured below is now in front of the Graphic Experience and is badly out of tune. It probably has never been tuned since the  City acquired it. This piano was lovingly turned into a work of art by Mr. Peter Schiller's art class at A.V. High School last semester. I love to take pictures and make videos of people playing it. However, yesterday a piano player told me that it is so out of tune, he wouldn't let me take video of him playing it. I realize the expense it takes to maintain these. To keep the integrity of the program intact, don't you think some maintenance is involved? What do you think?

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It really is sad to see things like cigarette burns in the piano. I know a lot of time and effort went into these pianos (I helped paint). I am glad that they have been well photographed and filmed so that no matter what happens they are documented. Its kid of a catch 22 to have them so available to the public without sustaining damage and they will always go out of tune because they are outside. I don't feel the city should entirely be responsible to do long term maintenance... It would be great if something like the BLVD Association functioned in a coherent manner and could take care of these type of programs, so far little has come out of that organization despite the desire of many business owners on the BLVD to make things like this work.

The city can't even figure out how to pay a maintenance worker to properly clean the side walks of gum and taffy. I doubt that  there is either the funding or desire to maintain the piano's in a way that could prolong their life any more than is currently in place.

I would suggest that you bring it up next Tuesday at the Council meeting as an off calendar discussion at the end of the meeting. For no other reason then to save face the city may take a position and provide some solution. Fact of the matter is they may just not be aware that changes in humidity and temperature impact the tune of a piano.



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