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Email Marketing Best Practices

iStockspam People are sensitive to spam because it costs them time and money. To avoid spam complaints – and get your e-mail messages in front of potential clients – you should educate yourself about e-mail marketing industry standards. Groups like the Email Sender and…


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Who Wants To Think About The DETAILS on YOUR Wedding DAY!? Let Elegant Affairs Take The Details On For YOU!

Who Wants To Think About The DETAILS on YOUR Wedding DAY!? Let AV Elegant Affairs Take The Details On For YOU!…


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Valentine's Day Couple's Challenge!

While everyone else is Pounding Down the chocolate and champagne YOU can be Losing 8-10 Pounds with YOUR Loved One this Valentine's Day!!!

In just 4 short weeks, YOU and your HONEY can be on your way to a whole NEW…


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#LOL #NinjaSkills

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Random Act of Kindness Changes Life of a Stranger

Something wonderful happened at the Keller Williams Michigan-Northern Ohio Regional ALC Clinic. The group ordered a pizza and gave the delivery driver, Robert Dunn, an unforgettable gift.

With approximately 275 associates in attendance at a hotel conference room in Ann Arbor, Mich., the audience pooled their money together and tipped the delivery driver $2,084. Checking their pockets, handbags and briefcases, they also gave him a $25 Visa gift card, a half-dozen winning lottery…


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We Are All Here For YOU At Elegant Affairs!

We are all here for you!

Elegant Affairs has our very own Certified wedding and event planner /coordinator to help you plan your ceremony just the way you have always dreamed it would be! We also have our own house D.J. who continues at each event to amaze all of the guests with his personality, variety of music, his class and his ability to make everyone have a great…


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Valentines Day Don't Buy Flowers on Line 888.948.6006



Call now 948.6006

  1. You don't know what you're buying
  2. Your flowers could be delivered in a box - ew
  3. Your local…

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Another Happy Couple #Married At #AVBestWeddingVenue #ElegantAffairs

Another Happy Couple #Married At #AVBestWeddingVenue #ElegantAffairs

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Gift-Giving Tips for Real Estate Agents

The holidays may be over, but for many real estate agents, gift giving is a year-long activity. During the home-buying process, agents build lasting relationships with their clients. Here are some tips for agents who like to give their clients gifts.

1. Deliver client gifts in person when possible. If you prefer, before you turn over the keys, you could leave a nice…


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Lancaster's #1 Wedding Venue

Lancaster's #1 Wedding Venue


Engaged? Then don't wait to choose a prime venue location. My dates are already filling in for next year. Let me assist…


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Debunking the 8 Myths of Real Estate Agents

Ignate One of the first lessons Keller Williams Ignite students learn is to identify what myths are holding them back and how to remove those limiting beliefs. Many agents hold themselves back from ever realizing their full potential because they hold on to outdated, negative beliefs about success. This can cause self-doubt, which in turn limits one’s own success.

In his bestselling book, The Millionaire…


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Covered California Open enrollment ends Feb. 15, 2015

Covered California Open enrollment ends

Feb. 15, 2015…


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We Are VERY MUCH OPEN And Ready For YOUR Business! Book Your #WeddingDate Today!

To all my friends I'm asking that you spread the word here in the AV that our amazing venue Elegant Affairs is NOT going out of business. Unfortunately there are some very ill willed individuals here in community that are threatened by our success. So the only way they can try gain business is try spread malicious lies. 2015 is going to be another…


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Be a Market Expert in 30 Minutes a Day

“I want to hire a real estate agent who doesn’t know what is going on in the industry,” said no client ever. Clients hire the most qualified agents, period. When agents present their services, it is important that they highlight their industry knowledge and show why they are the trusted market expert in the area.

Researchers suggest that one of the best ways to boost your productivity is to take 30 minutes for an activity you enjoy. Top-producing real estate agents love learning.  To…


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Can You Hear Me Now? Good! Let Me Tell You…

We are exposed to an estimated 35,000 messages each day. As John C. Maxwell says in his book,Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, we are “cluttered with words.” Without communication, whether it is written or spoken, you simply cannot get clients.  So the million-dollar question is, “How do you cut through the noise and grab the attention of your audience?”

1. Be…


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Asking the Right Questions for Successful Transactions

Language is a powerful tool that influences our interactions with other people. The words you use and the questions you ask clients shape your relationships and can directly impact the success of a transaction.  When agents use the power of language, they unleash the power contained in every word they say. When clients are engaged in a real estate transaction, they can be emotional or nervous, which can make communication more challenging. Some clients might be…


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Maximize Your Business by Focusing on What Matters

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Surefire Ways to Make Direct Mail Spark

It is a common scenario. You selected the artwork, wrote creative copy and handpicked your ideal target market. Thousands of direct mail pieces were printed and mailed around your market center. You were certain this would generate leads and help increase your market share. You waited patiently, but the phone never rang. Rather than calling and following-up with your prospects, you assumed the poor performance was evidence that direct mail is an outdated marketing method. You vowed never to…


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Merry Christmas from Win Win Real Estate School

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2015 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Auction with Chris Spicher Barrett-Jackson: Only 20 L88 Corvettes were built, and only one in this color. The ultimate in American collector cars, this Corvett...
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MLK DAY "the flower that bends but never breaks" 888.948.6006 #MLKDAY what is your service to give? A few years ago a community friend, Realtor Chuck Hoey su...
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